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beared and mustache transplantation in dr. Rezvani's clinic

Beard and Mustache Implantation

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beared and mustache transplantation in dr. Rezvani's clinic

With the continuous advancement of technology and developments in the fields of medicine and beauty, beard and mustache implantation has become a popular method for enhancing male beauty. This process, gradually gaining its place in society, not only helps individuals suffering from the loss or disappearance of beard or mustache but is also recognized as a beauty art that requires specialized skills and precision.One of the most significant advantages of beard and mustache implantation is the ability to reconstruct and reshape the face.

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What is Beard and Mustache Implantation?

Beard and mustache implantation, as one of the branches of hair transplantation, is performed by beauty specialists and physicians. In this process, carefully extracted hair follicles from other body areas are implanted on the face in specific regions. Due to its ability to create a natural-looking beard and mustache closely resembling natural hair, this method has quickly gained attention.

Advancements in Science and Hair Transplantation Methods

With the progress in science and technology, hair transplantation methods have reached a new level of precision and effectiveness. Beard and mustache implantation, as part of these advancements, has successfully addressed concerns of men facing the absence of a beard or mustache. This process, as a simple and effective solution, allows men to easily achieve their desired appearance in terms of beard and mustache in a short period.

Stages of Beard and Mustache Implantation

Next, let’s briefly explain the stages of beard and mustache implantation.

  1. Consultation and Preoperative Tests: Before anything else, consulting with a physician or hair specialist is advisable. Tests may be conducted to assess the health status and condition of your hair.
  2. Performing Necessary Tests: Blood tests or microscopic hair imaging may be performed to evaluate the condition of hair and facial skin.
  3. Designing the Beard and Mustache: After evaluating the test results, a design for beard and mustache implantation is prepared by the physician or hair specialist.
  4. Surgery Day: On the day of surgery, some preventive measures are taken, and the physician or hair specialist proceeds with the implantation.
  5. Extraction and Preparation of Grafts: Grafts needed for transplantation are extracted from other body parts or healthy hair regions.
  6. Beard and Mustache Implantation: Using various techniques, grafts are transferred to the areas requiring implantation. This final stage is considered the completion of beard and mustache implantation.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Beard and Mustache Implantation Using Different Methods

  • Beard and mustache implantation using the SUT method has several advantages. This method has a very short recovery period, does not harm hair follicles, and is performed without the need for anesthesia. The implanted hair grows with a very natural and beautiful appearance, and a large number of grafts can be transplanted in a single session.
  • The BHT method also has its own benefits. Individuals with complete baldness can easily treat their bald spots using this method. It is a minimally invasive method, and the implantation site improves after one week.
  • The FIT method has significant advantages as well. This method allows individuals to repeat the transplantation to achieve higher density. It is also very cost-effective and has a short recovery period.
  • The FUT method is known for its special benefits. A large number of hair follicles are transplanted in a short period, and it has a very good yield compared to other methods. Its natural appearance and good growth make it aesthetically pleasing.

Key Points After Beard and Mustache Implantation

After undergoing beard and mustache implantation, special care is essential to maintain and improve the results. Here are the details of these postoperative care measures:

  1. Avoiding Pressure on the Implantation Area: After beard and mustache implantation, it is essential to avoid any pressure or compression on the implantation area. Therefore, sleeping on the face should be minimized as much as possible.
  2. Adjustments after 2 Weeks: Approximately two weeks after the beard and mustache implantation, you can confidently proceed with adjustments. This period is sufficient for the implantation area to heal, allowing adjustments without any negative effects.
  3. Avoiding Moisture: For about 5 days after the transplantation, it is crucial to refrain from exposing the implantation area to moisture. This measure helps maintain the quality and strength of the implantation.
  4. Use of Allergic Medications: If the skin in the implantation area becomes red or irritated, the use of allergic medications is recommended. This action helps reduce swelling, pain, and any discomfort.
  5. Use of Topical Antibiotics: The use of topical products containing antibiotics is also essential post-beard and mustache implantation. These products assist in preventing infections in the implantation area and accelerate the healing process.
  6. Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco: During the recovery period, it is better to refrain from consuming alcohol and tobacco, as these can delay the healing process.
  7. Dietary Changes: Dietary changes before beard and mustache implantation depend on the physician’s recommendations. These changes can contribute to a faster and more effective recovery.
  8. Supplement Consumption: The consumption of supplements recommended by the physician can help support the health of the hair and the implanted area.
  9. Proper Face Washing: Using suitable cleansers and facial wash products helps maintain the hygiene of the implantation area.

By following these care instructions, you can achieve better and more stable results from your beard and mustache implantation procedure. Any concerns or questions should be discussed with your physician.

Beard and mustache implantation not only caters to individuals seeking to enhance their appearance but also brings a novel and attractive approach to the beauty industry. This new art form elevates men to a new level of confidence and beauty, allowing them to be introduced to society with a unique and distinctive personality.

Frequently asked questions aboutBeard and Mustache Implantation

People who have low back or lack of beard growth due to genetic conditions, physical injuries, or some medical conditions are suitable candidates for this method.
Hair follicles are carefully removed from the donor area (usually the back of the head) and transplanted into areas with sparse back or hairless facial hair.
This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the pain during the operation is minimized

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